Donor List 2022

These our all our donors for the 2022 season.

Lest Santa Forget...

On behalf of thousands of local children who receive gifts from the Santa Claus Girls each year, and countless more who have been given presents over the past century, we thank you for supporting our community’s mission of making sure no child is forgotten.

Your donation blesses children by helping provide gifts to Kent County children age 12 and under who wouldn’t receive a gift without your help. Thank you!

Martin Bury

Patty & Chris Hastings


Dennis Weaver

Terri Lozon

In memory of my mother who made Christmas magical.

Martin Bury

Karilyn Frederick

Frederick and Mary Bartling

kay romoslawski

Lois Rainero

In memory of our Santa , Jim Rainero

John Swenson

Trudy Day


Patricia Johnson

Adam Guigue

Judy Vana

katherine Stevenson


Sara Tountas

Jennifer Moo

Elizabeth Sperry

Sharon Theule


Jason Farrior

Brenda Radlinski

Jane Lally

Mike Lally

Dale and Diane Hoekstra

Richard and Martha Buth and Lindsay Pichette

Kristen Ditta


Sharon Hooker

Susie Schlientz and Barb Davis

Mickley Judy

In memory of our parents


Barb and Dave Nauta

Patricia Bonnell




Ann & Jeff Oom

Marion Schweihofer

Walker Car Wash Inc

In memory of Susie and Barb

David and Peggy Child Smith

Barbara and Laurence D. Smith

Kristin Bergh

Lloyd Winer

Carol & Roger Hans

Acrisure LLC

William Kubilius

Susan & Kevin Post

William Hoekstra

Richard & Martha Buth
Lindsay Pichotte

Dorothy & Keith Vander Pol

Robert Williams

M Dwayne Pride


Don & Linda Davis

Connie Schultz

F Jay Schoettley



Vanessa Mateo-Rinne

Pedro Jesus Mateo

Robert Bisbee

Gordon and Lorraine Bisbee



Jack & Janice Bowie

William Bowie

Lynn Axdorff

Donald Dryer


Michelle Dietz

Bonnie Dietz

Jennifer Heintskill

Anthony Escobar

Shellly Jewell

Thomas Jewell

Stacy Farr

Grandpa Beardsley


Gail Mazurek

Martha anderson

Norma Ashby

Jennifer Derby

In memory of Ed

Deb CooperSilha

Ida Cooper

Sarah Miller

Jessica Bustraan

Tom and Shelly Sinas

Edward Zomberg

Larry & Judith Scudder

Joseph & Kathy Berlin

Joanne Keenan

Sally Cole

Mark &Sally Johnson

Alice Johnson, Phil and Monica Wood

Kathryn Snow

We are parents at Canterbury Creek and are happy to have the opportunity to support this cause. -The Snows

Nancy Jacobus

John and Jean Freeman from Nancy Jacobus

First Park Congregational Church


Jan Palczewski

From family, In memory of John "Jack" Palczewski


Barbara Bowe

Bowe & Downer family

Grace Scholten

William Kerr

Denise Schmidt

Marguirite Staudacher

Jay Jensen

Judith Hooyenga

Christine Ferriby


David Shirey

Keith Blair

Steve Szarowicz

American Legion Auxiliary Valley City

GR/Sparta Chapter III Women of the Moose

Kurt & Marilyn Vonderheide

Susan Grimaldi

Janet & George Dressander

Ruth Francisco

Lee Ann Platschorre

Harold Buist

Loyd Winer IRA

Suzan Schmumacher

West Michigan C.D.L., Inc.

Lisa & Shawn Hiller

Nelson & Thomas Pelletier

Arlene French

Susan Eadie

Sara & George D'Archangel

Vivian Freeberg

Ruth & Orville Russell

In lieu of gifts and in memory of our parents, George & Beulah McIntyre
Orville & Alice Russell

Margaret & Frank Saponaro III

Maryellen Zarnosky, Clara, Gerald & Gerry Bower

Melanie Brown

My late husband, Steve Brown

Karen Jones

Janice K Jones

Debra Gorman

Cathy Lewis

Patricia Ryan-Pinos

Angel Baby

Karey Hill

James and Arlene Hill

Joseph Hurd

Andrew Jester