Donor List 2022

These our all our donors for the 2022 season.

Lest Santa Forget...

On behalf of thousands of local children who receive gifts from the Santa Claus Girls each year, and countless more who have been given presents over the past century, we thank you for supporting our community’s mission of making sure no child is forgotten.

Your donation blesses children by helping provide gifts to Kent County children age 12 and under who wouldn’t receive a gift without your help. Thank you!

Martin Bury

Patty & Chris Hastings


Dennis Weaver

Terri Lozon

In memory of my mother who made Christmas magical.

Martin Bury

Karilyn Frederick

Frederick and Mary Bartling

kay romoslawski

Lois Rainero

In memory of our Santa , Jim Rainero

John Swenson

Trudy Day


Patricia Johnson

Adam Guigue

Judy Vana

katherine Stevenson


Sara Tountas

Jennifer Moo

Elizabeth Sperry

Sharon Theule


Jason Farrior

Brenda Radlinski

Jane Lally

Mike Lally

Dale and Diane Hoekstra

Richard and Martha Buth and Lindsay Pichette

Kristen Ditta


Sharon Hooker

Susie Schlientz and Barb Davis

Mickley Judy

In memory of our parents


Barb and Dave Nauta

Patricia Bonnell




Ann & Jeff Oom

Marion Schweihofer

Walker Car Wash Inc

In memory of Susie and Barb

David and Peggy Child Smith

Barbara and Laurence D. Smith

Kristin Bergh

Lloyd Winer

Carol & Roger Hans

Acrisure LLC

William Kubilius

Susan & Kevin Post

William Hoekstra

Richard & Martha Buth Lindsay Pichotte

Dorothy & Keith Vander Pol

Robert Williams

M Dwayne Pride


Don & Linda Davis

Connie Schultz

F Jay Schoettley



Vanessa Mateo-Rinne

Pedro Jesus Mateo

Robert Bisbee

Gordon and Lorraine Bisbee



Jack & Janice Bowie

William Bowie

Lynn Axdorff

Donald Dryer


Michelle Dietz

Bonnie Dietz

Jennifer Heintskill

Anthony Escobar

Shellly Jewell

Thomas Jewell

Stacy Farr

Grandpa Beardsley


Gail Mazurek

Martha anderson

Norma Ashby

Jennifer Derby

In memory of Ed

Deb CooperSilha

Ida Cooper

Sarah Miller

Jessica Bustraan

Tom and Shelly Sinas

Edward Zomberg

Larry & Judith Scudder

Joseph & Kathy Berlin

Joanne Keenan

Sally Cole

Mark &Sally Johnson

Alice Johnson, Phil and Monica Wood

Kathryn Snow

We are parents at Canterbury Creek and are happy to have the opportunity to support this cause. -The Snows

Nancy Jacobus

John and Jean Freeman from Nancy Jacobus

First Park Congregational Church


Jan Palczewski

From family, In memory of John "Jack" Palczewski


Barbara Bowe

Bowe & Downer family

Grace Scholten

William Kerr

Denise Schmidt

Marguirite Staudacher

Jay Jensen

Judith Hooyenga

Christine Ferriby


David Shirey

Keith Blair

Steve Szarowicz

American Legion Auxiliary Valley City

GR/Sparta Chapter III Women of the Moose

Kurt & Marilyn Vonderheide

Susan Grimaldi

Janet & George Dressander

Ruth Francisco

Lee Ann Platschorre

Harold Buist

Loyd Winer IRA

Suzan Schmumacher

West Michigan C.D.L., Inc.

Lisa & Shawn Hiller

Nelson & Thomas Pelletier

Arlene French

Susan Eadie

Sara & George D'Archangel

Vivian Freeberg

Ruth & Orville Russell

In lieu of gifts and in memory of our parents, George & Beulah McIntyre Orville & Alice Russell

Margaret & Frank Saponaro III

Maryellen Zarnosky, Clara, Gerald & Gerry Bower

Melanie Brown

My late husband, Steve Brown

Karen Jones

Janice K Jones

Debra Gorman

Cathy Lewis

Patricia Ryan-Pinos

Angel Baby

Karey Hill

James and Arlene Hill

Joseph Hurd

Andrew Jester

Kimerlee Billings

Frederick & Sandra Stasiukinas

Christopher & Alison Gervat


Sylvia Pecker

In memory of my mother, Maxine Packer

Connie & James Schultz

Kay Kiel

In memory of Marguirite Kiel

Nancy & Richard Robinson

Joseph & Marybeth Susnak

Inta Grace

Timothy & Penny Mroz

Clare Hall

Sandra Shank

Overbeek Sales Associates Inc

Grand Rapids Sparta

Ken &amp Lydia Syrba

Mary Brillhart

In memory of Hollis & Maryjean Brillhart

Charles M Gates Jr Foundation

In memory of Chuck & June Gates

Network for Good

Lesa Ignasiak

Nan Christensen

Tracy Taylor Wakefield

Melba Reidy

Avary Reidy

Sandra Moerman

Daniel Hall

William and Shirley Workman

Cathy Starnes

LouAnn Palmer

Dad and Mom, Don and Donna Palmer and brother, Ron Palmer

Bill Slanger

Mom, Lois Slanger

Kathryn Lipner

David and Susan Lipner

Ann Oom

Tracey Ryan


Joy Clay

Doris Schaible

Dwayne & Pamela Shustha

Our loved ones who have passed

RSP Antrim

Debra Steffes

In memory of dad, Linda, Chari, and Patricia

Nic and Erica Jansma

Gaylynn & Roger Williams

In memory of our parents & grandparents, Robert & Ardith Portwood ,and our sister & aunt, Vicky and our son & brother, Jim

Tammy & Robert Bond Jr

In memory of our parents & grandparents, Robert & Ardith Portwood and our sister & aunt, Vicky, and our son & brother, Jim

Laddies Sportsmen Club Inc

John & Barbara Duiven

Edward Alberts

Mary & Richard Versluis

Loretta & James Topping

Linda & Thomas Jeltema

Frederick & Catherine Crabb

Kay Chase

Shelly & Daniel Lupo


Constance & Robert Yocum

Sharen & Thomas Dryer


Mary Driggers

Pat & Chester Smith

In memory of Karen Roest

Paula Krampe

Len & Millie Weller - Your love was our gift. Paula & Rick Krampe

Tammy Klein


Lorie Kurnat

Carol Steinbrenner

Karilyn Frederick


Amy Rains

In Honor of our amazing providers and founders of true Women's Health!

Dan and Ellie Pettee

In honor of the Thursday 7:25 AM group

Debra Cooper-Silha

Ida cooper and Nina Cook


Janelle Hoekstra

Richard and Martha Buth, George and Fern Hoekstra, Lindsay Pichette, Linda Hoekstra

Leslee Hardebeck

Timothy Fuller

Jerri Kingsbury

My Mom and Grandmother


Doug & Donna Flick

Bonnie Roth

Patricia Callahan

On memory of Mom and Dad, Louise and Art Newell

Walt Slanger

My wife, Lois Slanger

Margaret Schwartz

Jessica Jones

In Memory of my father Jeffery Jones.

Robert & Sally Lyons

Allen and Alice Davidson and Betty and Bernie Lyons

Dennis & Kathleen Merizon

Kay Garland

Annabelle & Blane Avey

Marie & Glenn Smith

Allan & Nancy Brown



Marjorie Holder and Bobby Beuker

Neil & Sandy Topliffe

Sherrie Miedema

Bob Master

Lynn Rarick

In memory of Caroline Rarick

Carey Harvey

Thank you for what you do

Jennifer Maher

Mary K Hendrick

My Mother, Isobel Renkes

Ann Dabkowski

David & Danelle Leugs


Bridget Brozyna

Bad Apples

From the Bad Apples

Jimmy and Vasiliki Christopoulos

Kenneth DeBoer

Kenneth J. DeBoer, Sr.

Barbara Long

Gerard and Eleanor McCormick

Chris & Patty Hastings

Ryan Greenway


Nichole Workman

Douglas and Debra Gummere


Janet Hammersmith

Michael Tomich

'Coach' Glowicki George & Sophie Tomich Gilbert & Adelaide Heller

Linda & David Randall

Charlene Ainsworth

Linda Wolverton

Scott & Joy McNabb

Ruth & Thomas Potter

Patricia Avery

James Kubiak

Dianne Perry

Sheila Vigh

Ronald & Maresa Szokowski

Dennis Post

John Sella

Marquita Campbell

Ruth Kutsche

In Honor of Grand & Great Grand Children

Betty & David Killoran

Shirley & Stephan Carlson

In honor of retired volunteers

Janice & James Heeren

In memory of Mike & Peggy Stolk and Ed & Arlene Denboer

G.A.L.S. Girls Always Love Santa

Vogt Foundation

Judith Bialk

Sons of American Legion Glen Hill Squadron

Workbox Staffing LLC

2022 Jingle Mingle Event

Patsy Lewis

In memory of Lorraine Capron

Carolyn Getty


Arthur & Donna Veltman

Caroline & James Shearer

In memory of Theresa Zandstra

Roger Mueller

Mark Badovinac

Terry Conley

In memory of Josephine Conley

Albert Mooney

J Cornell

Judith and JW Cornell


John & Lisa Mitchell

Jamie Mitchell

Terri and Rick Amann

Eugene and Stella Amann

Cedar Springs Lions Club

Jim and Barb Stellema

For the years of joy you have provided. In memory of Ruth Dominiak and Tom Schoon


Destinee M

Michelle Clark

Rhonda Galligan


Sharon Nelson

Kenneth and Carol Nelson


Teresa Dutmer

Gilbert and Esther Clark

Richard Bouwhuis

Keith & Bettina Smith

Elizabeth McKinney

Mom and Mary Kathryn

Julie Dykstra

My son Nicholas Dykstra

Chandra Wing



Joyce Graham

In memory of my precious daughter, Sarah Jane.

Christina Miller


Dawn Kolekamp

Sally Kolekamp

James Wiercinski

Mary Lou Wiercinski

julia Pulk

In honor of Esther and Jerry Hitchingham.

Matthew Wierenga

Betty Redner

Kaye Powell

Abe Abraham

Chris Veneklasen

Meg Welch

In Honor of Bob and Sally Johnson

Patrick &Michelle Hickey

In memory of Maureen Wardrop

Deborah Greiner

Baby Mila

Arvin Heilman

Marilee Bradford

Paul Sruba

Jane Cretens

Debra Cooper-Silha

Tinman Charitable Foundation

In memory of Mary Holland

Gleneagles Gals

Ronald Veldhouse

In memory of Jan & Vincent Veldhouse

Virginia & Edward Edwardson

In honor of Mike & Sue Frost and Mary & Ernie Matsukawa

Purity Cylinder Gases, Inc

Purity Employees

Douglas & Kelly Nyhuis

Purity Match

Steve & Michelle Nyhuis

Purity Match


Jeffery & Julean Cauhorn

Purity Match

City of Walker

Mrs Claus at 2022 Winterfest Donation

Betz Industries Betz Pattern

In the names of Karl Betz, Gregg Betz, David Moorhead & their families

Janet Sage

Sherry & Ken Luttermoser

Anita & Michael Oleszkiewicz

Eleanor Herrmann

Janet Kailing

Paula Leach

Michael Szczytko

Julie & Richard Andre

Ronald & Ruth Hyatt

Kathleen & William Bagin

Martha & Philip Sweedyk

Esther & Larry Brummel

Philip & Marilyn Masters

James & Geraldine Jansma

Linda Vander Velde

Ruth Agin

Anderson Family Trust


Dennis Rothenthaler

John & Ethel Rothenthaler




TowerPinkster Architecture Engineering Interiors

Judith Johnson

grace scholten

Meadowlawn Elementary

Sue Gates

William Hoffman

Joni and Bob Velthouse

Beth Regenmorter

GR/Sparta Chapter III Women of the Moose

Russell & Catherine Herman

Park Church Women Gift

First Congregational Church Allinder Ten Gift

Algoma Sunshine Circle

Kathleen & Robert Hann

Charles Loew

Joan & Eamar Howard

In memory of Family Members

Scott & Cindy Smith

Laura & William Price

David & Patricia Allen

Ella Jarrett

Sally Allen

David Beswick

Tuesday Night Steel Magnolias

Dale Posthumus

Thomas Miller

Scott Watts

Sandy Burnham

Dorothy Tucker

Nancy Miller

Mark Gerst

Barbara Russell

In memory of William Jenkins

Elizabeth Lamancusa

In memory of Betty Richer Jarosch

Benjamin Lundquist

Clyde Waltenbaugh

Stella (Potyraj) Homrich

James Meek

Jessica Jones

Sharon McKenzie - Donation in lieu of Christmas Office Gifts

Jessica Jones

Rebecca Sundelius - In lieu of Christmas Office Gifts

Jessica Jones

Theresa Stannard - Donation in lieu of Christmas Office Gifts

Jessica Jones

Donation in the names of Linda, Christopher & Jessica Jones

Julie Dykstra

My mom, my aunt, my son and my ex-husband.

JameS Schaible

In memory of Doris Schaible

Peter & Shirley Pijnappels

James Schaible

In memory of Doris Schaible

Joyce & Warren Hikade

Vytautas Aid Society

Rebecca & John Pellerito

Donna Burns

The John Dykema and Michele Maly-Dykema Family Foundation

The Parker Charitable Fund

MPR Controls, Inc

In memory of Paul Patin

The Westside Senior Bingo Thursdays at St. Peter & Paul

Ronald & Valerie Potter

In memory of Margaret T. Bouwens

Employees and Associates of Burr & Company

In memory of Janna L. Kelly

Tom and Scott Dowling



Diane Legate

Our Fathers, Charles Wells, Bill Legate, Mother Bonnie Legate and beloved Niece Joslyn Wells from Bill and Diane Legate

Corey Banks

Grandma Ceola


Tracie Makowski

In lieu of Christmas gifts for Bob Middleton sr.

Marti Thomas

In the name of (not the memory!), the very much alive Deirdre Toeller.

Judy Swann

Mary/Mike Brandon

Bonnie Sebright

Brian Werth

Robin Darling

Stella Homrich

Douglas Van Hattum

Louise Stormzand

Judy & Silvio Decardenas

Merri Jo Tuinstra

Our parents

Jenn & Tim Wilcher

Kelly Gibson Heidi Fifeild

In memory of Stella Homrich

Karen Michalski

In memory of Stella Homrich

Grand Rapids Foam Technologies

Wisinski of West Michigan

Threasa Wilholt

In memory of Stella Homrich

LeAura & Deb Sherman

Merry Christmas...Connie & Dave Sherman

Nieces & Nephews: Sue Brown, Sally Hansen,

In memory of Stella Hamrich

Melvin & Linda Schumacher

In memory of Owen & Shirley Bieber and George & Marie Fowler

Wendy & Randy Charboneau

In memory of Tom Maslowski

Michael & Patricia Zakem

Dr. Michael & Patricia Zakem


Robert Courts

Elizabeth & Robert DeFouw

Intemeraclean LLC

In honor of Purity Cylinder Gases

Dorothy, Kathleen, & Lorine Lett

In memory of Arnold W. Lett

Domineo Guild Members Mary Jo, Arlene, Pat, Penny, & Patricia

Gene & Carol Gess


In memory of Arlene Treece

Legacy Metal Fabricating LLC

Andy J. Egan Company

Northern Concrete Pipe, Inc


Great Grand Rapids USBC Association

Golden Kiwanis

Thomas & Patti Jasper

Rachel Guyton

Leisure Village Council

Terry Karatkiewicz

David & Laura Johnson

David & Midge Vande Kopple

Chara Potyraj

In memory of Stella Hamrich & Ed Potyraj

Gaylen & Diane Demarest

Susan & Steven Ayres

In memory of Donna Pugh

Hazel & Garry Felty

Kevin Olsen

James Stewart

Maureen & Randall Eckhardt

Susan Merrill

Edward & Mary Willison

Richard & Pauline Weaver

Douglas & Diane Hockersmith

Ann & Mark Trusock

The Hoodgewood Family

In memory of Grandma & Poppy Nyenhuis

Bridge Buddies

In memory of Barbara Mulheisen

Barbara Robinson

In memory of Stella Homrich

Donald Wisner

Give Lively Foundation Inc

Biggest Losers Carol, Marcia, Linda

Patricia & John Paasman

In memory of our son and 3 pre-born grandchildren

Michael & Sherri Brom

Paul & Barbara France

In lieu of Christmas Cards

Jeffrey Beusse

Yvonne & Michael Mabin

Dr. Leonard & Carol Radecki

Janice Snyder

The North Park Presbyterian Deacons

Laura Kline

In memory of Thomas Kubiak

Sacred Heart Aid Society

2022 Ornament Exchange

Sons of American Legion

St Mary Magdalen Parish Women's Guild

Thomas Sibley

First Congregational Church

Allen & Constance Harig

Heather Peterson

John and Marge Peterson, Betty Wildey, and Janell Sandstedt Peterson

Dan Dykstra

Terry Karatkiewicz