Donor List 2021

These our all our donors for the 2021 season. The full list of donors from previous seasons will be available soon.

Lest Santa Forget…

On behalf of thousands of local children who receive gifts from the Santa Claus Girls each year, and countless more who have been given presents over the past century, we thank you for supporting our community’s mission of making sure no child is forgotten.

Your donation blesses children by helping provide gifts to Kent County children age 12 and under who wouldn’t receive a gift without your help. Thank you!

Mc Veigh Living Trust/ Dianq Lightfoot Coey St Arnold /Georeg L. Lightfoot

In memory of our Mother who recently passed away

The Parker Family Charitable Fund

In memory of our daughter Brianne Parker

Rosemary Anne Toole

In memory of our dear friends and bridge club member Barbara Mulheisen

Sharon J. And Troy Mossel

In memory of our loved ones Harold and Dorothy Mosssel Jim Mossel Ellis and Gladys Moore Alta Keuhs Lila and Elna Moore

Patrick And Joan Howard

In memory of Joe Nancy Bill and my parents

Robert And Linda Moredock

In memory of Jennifer (Jenny) Lynn Graham

Leslee And Bill Hardebeck Merry Westman Nina Bloomfield

In memory of Elizabeth Jarosch

Nancy L. Jacobus

In memory of John and Jean Freeman

Peter And Bernice Van Dyke

In memory of our loved ones who have passed away

Barbara J. Welton

In memory of my mother Kathryn Welton, My grqndparents , my Aunt and Uncle Norman And Evah (DEE DEE) Walker .

Mary Brillhart

In memory of Hollis and Marjean Brillhart

Antoinette R G Ross

In memory iof Bill and Mary Anne Gagnon

William Kubilius

In memory of my wife Patricia

Patrice Mc Dowell

Memories of the 21 christmas mornings with my Son Jeremy Walker Love MOM. And Harry Waranica, our Dad, Our Santa. Our Grinch Love Patrice

Jeremiah And Jennifer Schouppe Yvonne Schultz B.A. Regenmorter Kathryn Pichette Stephanie L. Hoekstra Janet Ashe Richard And Linda Babcock James Mc Mullin And Janelle D. Hoekstra Diane Hoekstra

In loving memory of Richard D. and Martha L. Buth and Lindsay Ellen Pichette from their grateful family.

Anne Simpson

In memory of Steve Simpson

Kay M. Chase

In memory of Charlie

Arlene M. Grzeszak

In memory of John and Gladys Grzeszak Sister Mary Dolorine RSM and Iadik Adiai From Marcia Arlene and Janice and families.

Charlene Ainsworth

In memory of David Ainsworth

Janet Kailing

In memory of my Mother lorna and Theresa

Nancy Massingham

In memory of Karen Massingham

Roger And Gaylynn Williams Robert And Tammy Bond Jr

In memory of our parents and grandparents Robert and Ardith Portwood and our sister And Aunt Vicky Our Son and Brother Jim.

Norman And Valerie Knapp

In honor of Betty Anne Hevel’s 90th Birthday Happy Birthday Betty!

Patricia Johnson

In celebration of my first Great Grandchild

Melanie S. Brown

In memory of my late husband Steve Brown

Myra Tiethof

In memory of Ray Tiethof from Wife Myra

Sylvia Packer

In memory of my Mother Maxine Packer ,who knitted for Santa Claus Girls

Jx Gives Back Family Foundatin Inc /C/O Eric And Sarah Jorgensen

William H.Bowie

Jack And Janice Bowie

Robert Courts

Cecil R. And Mary Francis Lewis

Kristine Allen And Dolores E. Woltanski

John O. Muir

Delores Hula

Robert N. Birge Jr.

Nancy J. Kryger

Gerald P. Hallmark

Thomas J. And Constance A. Selvius

Ann L. And Mark A. Trusock

Craig C. Juell

Robert C. Eckhardt

Ruth D. Agin

Our Grand Rapids Community Foundation

Judith Ann Bialk

Mary L. Ancona

Paul G. And Barbara France

Laurie G. Gole For St. Anthony Padua Catholic Church

Walter L And Pamela B. Lockwood

Wolverine Carton Community Club

Patricia Paasman

Jessica And Peter Ruppert

Janice Snyder

Shirley Kortz

Grand Rapids Foam Technologiess

Tom And Mickie Fox Family Fund

Joy Clay

Betty Killoran

Delores M Bailey

Trudy J Day

Gail Bonebrake

Barbara And Edward Bowe

Anita Marie Gilleo

Eleanor S. Herrmann

Ronald And Marilyn Steiner

Robert C. Williams

J.T. Williams

Judy Vana

Cheryl Fulton

W. Mark And Judy Etheridge

Gunther And Kay Romoslawski

Kristin Bergh

Arlene Reitz Patricia Den Besten Mary Jo Gosselin Penny Schwandt And

Patricia Jackson Dominco’S Guild

James And Geraldine Jansma

Scott And Cindy Borrello Smith

Hedwig And Helmut Woltschlaeger

Richard And Nancy Robinson

Inta L. Grace

East Lake Ministries

Maureen Finlay

Helen Markert

West Side Seniors Council

Michael P. Szczytko

Peter And Shirley Pijnappels

Reynolds And Carole Brander

Churchill Place Apartments

Kensington Preserve Apaartments

Tammy Klein

Harold Smiley

Marilyn Von Derheide

Marquita Campbell

Laraine And William Main

Roy W. Waddell

Timothy And Penny Mroz

David And Linda Randall And Family

Edward Zomberg

Residents Of Leisure Village Manufactured Home Community

Jay And Kathleen Jensen

David Beswick

Laddies Sportsmen Club Inc

Sons Of American Legion Caledonia

John Updegrove

John S. Sella

Robert And Karen Williams

Jp Barnes Consulting

Nelson Pelletier

Margaret And Jeffrey Beusse

William And Laura Price

Sally Cole

Karey L. Hill

Joe And Janice Magnan

Marcia B. Larson

Frederic And Margaret Laskowski

Brenda Stuart

First (Park)Congregational Church

Allan And Constance Harig

Vytautas Aid Society

Ruth Ann Potter

Ronald Bruce Shippy

Stanley And Kathy Gillis

Karen L. Dreyer

James Hedstrom

Sandra L. Long

Florence F. Goodyear

Barbara And Joseph Jerista

Joan Mull

Dennis Merizon

Terry B. Conley

In memory of our Mother, Grandmother and G.G Josephine Conley

Clare M. Hall

In memory of Bernard Hall

Shirley Smith

In memory of my husband Robert Smith, Son Howard Smith, Parents Harold and

Randy And Marcia Dunn

In memory of our Parents Robert and Pat Dunn and Donald and Rosemary Goodell

Dorothy Lett

In memory of Arnold W. Lett

Jim And Connie Schultz

Kevin Denhof, Nancy Shirey, Blythe Shirey , Jim and Connie Schultz

Leonard And Sandra Gill

In loving memory of our Son and Brother Stephan Leonard Gill from his family

Ellen C. Mc Gowan

In memory of Laurie and Jim Sproul

Susan And Mark Hogewind

In loving memory of Grandma and Poppy Nyenhuis from thr Hogewind Family

Ronald And Valerie Potter

In memory of Margaret Bouwens

Gary And Kathleen Vander Weide

In memory of Opas and Omas

Sara And George Darchangel

In memory of Vivian Freeberg

Rev. Rodney And Phyllis Otto

From Anna and Elle

Patricia Callahan

In memory of my Mom, Louise Newell

Barbara P. Marcus

In memory of my Husband Allen Marcus

C.A And Diane K. Richardson

In memory of Gran pa and Grandma Waalkes from Diane

Dolores Campione

Edward John Smith

Mrs Louise Andersen

Richard And Victoria Kuzma

Marie Welton And Brother Kenneth Welton

Carolyn L. Getty

Loyd Winer

Marilyn Goulet

Vivian B. Cleveland

Jane Bodenmiller

Judy And Ross Totten

St.Mary Magdalen Parish

Paul And Jane Schut

Melvin And Linda Schumacher

Owen Nichael And Shirley Bieber

Donna J. Marek

Robert And Susan Courtade

Rachel Guyton

Sue Colligan

Susan Merrill

Fred Schad

Sheila J. Vigh

Allan And Nancy Brown

Kevin C. Olsen

Larry And Joyce Stevens

North Park Presbyterian Deacons

Annabelle And Blane Avey

Elizabeth And Bernard Fuhs

Kay Garland

Carol Van Stee

Stephanie N. White

Mattthew Wierenga

Charlene M. Marculis

Faith Women In Service

Mary And Frank Agnich Gerald Agnich

In memory of Doris Schaible

The Blackbaud Giving Fund

Judy Hoebeke

In memory of Gerry and Bud Fairbrother

Elizabeth And Robert Defouw

Lawrence And Bverly Postema

In memory of Wilma K Cracz who passed away 4/20/21

Burr And Company Thomas D. Burr Aubrey J. Armstrong Thomas M. Wall Rebecca A. Hammond Terrie Mc Intosh Michael Maresc Steven Friar Cathleen Koning

In memory of Janna Kelly

Betz Industries And Betz Mpattrn

In the names of Karl Betz, Gregg Betz, David Moorhead and their families

William And Diane Legate Jr.

In memory of Niece Joslyn Wells and Parents Charles and Bonnie Legate

Charles Lowe

In memory of my Wife Rita Lowe

Joycee. Belka

In memory of our Parents, Dorothy Schoon and Thomas and Leona Belka, my Brother Thomas Schoon and my Sister Ruth Schoon Dominiak Who both passed away this year.

Wayne Wittington

In memory of Betty Whittington

Colleen Kilbourne-Glynn

In honor of Dori Kilbourne, In memory of Joanie Gort

David And Judith Valko

Egrps Hs Latin Club

Pacific Logistics Corp   Ark

Golden K Of Grand Rapids

Community Foundation Of Appleton Wi

Robert Genna

River City Mechanicals

Larry And Suzanne Latham

Gerald And Rebecca Czyzyk

Mark And Deborah Greiner

The John And Michele Maly-Dykema Family Foundation

Greater Grand Rapids Usbc Association

Jack And Nancy Huizenga

John H. Duiven

Anita Oleszkiewicz

Renee And Kevin Kole

Kenneth And Linda Larsen

James C. And Ellen J. Bruinsma

Ruth E. Kutsche Trust

Judith And Jw Cornell

Luann Heinz    N

Michael Canares

Derron Maxwell   Get My List Back

Donna Dixson

Patrice Johnson

Anne Marie Sevic

Joanne Torrence


Richard And Nelva Vogel

Richard And Pauline Weavwe

Carol And Richard Barber

Robert E. And Marcia Schaub

Dennis Scully

Gerald And Kay Snyder

Ronald Wycoff

Thomas And Patti Jasper

Derron Maxwell

Angela Bauer

Barbara Lass

Sarah Zandstra

Suzan Schumacher

Sade Gabier

Richard Sawyer

Linda Davis

Patricia Hastings

Kimberly Lake

Dorothy Fetting

Judy Zeckhauser

Christin Campbell

Laura D Otten

Brett Williamson

Sandra Smith

Christine DeJoy

Cathy Dance

Debra Schraer

Lori Elias

Melissa Crum

robert marziani

Jenny Smith

Christi Zimmerman

Gregory Kukawski

Margaret Schwartz

Rachel Wierda

Michele Brown

Patricia Munguia

Cristle Weissmiller

Patricia Hastings

Robert Neal

Catherine Lewis

LuAnn Heinz

Judith and J W Cornell

Rebecca P Antrim

Martha Thomas

Ronald Szokowski

Amanda Westman

albert mooney

Richard Besser

Susan Hood

Adam Broadfoot

Trish Flood

Kimberly Sienkiewicz

Robert Parkinson


Wendy Ringhiser

Brenda Devaney

Cathy Razmus

Kathleen Gallagher

Mary Kinkel

Anne Wardynski

Cece Weatherly

Nancy K Miller

Estella Brown

Mannon Gilroy

Judith Carlon

Mary Kneibel

Debra Gorman


Erica Jansma

Gary Babcock

William Kerr

Nancy Opacki

Ann Oom


Arthur Emery

John Kwant

Paulette Haynes

Alissa Ditta

Kimerlee Billings

David Swann

Dominic Merlington

Judy Mickley

Sally Johnson

daniel Mercado

Stephanie Kinney


Kristen Ditta

Danielle Bodziak

Nicole Joyce

Sharon Nelson

Cathryn Breen

Mark Gerst

Thomas Willey

Randy Griffin

Michelle Smolan

Kelsey Duggan

Michael Canaras

Susan Lacroix

Jacqueline Hawley

Karen Fruechtenicht

Victoria Trocciola

Jane Higgins

Michelle Hollis

David Lawson

Thomas Miller

Glenn Bodien

Larry Frazier

Kathy Bussler

Ann Oom

Andrew Jester

Cheryl Schadler

andrew blood

Sally Lyons

Andrew Jester

Valeri Tate

Sheila Skilling

Patti Meyer

Elizabeth Kozak

David Feutz

Leonard Radecki

Kevin Hedlund

scott correia

John Wert

Michael Tomich

Anna Antonopulos

Leslie Charrouf

Joseph Berlin

Charles Rodeghiero

Richard B Green

Keith Smith

Kathryn Lipner

Judith Williams

Paul Decker

Elizabeth Crabb

Raymond Geskus


Susan Stapp

James Walker

Janet Christenson

Irina Moyseyenko

Picture Passing

Amy Meyer

Holly Hayes

Jasmine B Tulier

Kristy Garland

Laura Wegman

Karen Patin

Patrice Johnson

Marion Schweihofer

lori etkin

Sarah Petersen

Donna Dixon

Bonnie Schwartz

Sandy Shaw

Paul Krieger

Jerold Reid

Mary Milbourne

Susan Wright

Gary Moore

Ann Marie Sevic

Susan Jannetty

Mike Griffin

Annette Heathcote

Dorothy Eicher

Rachel Uzarski

Elizabeth Pearce

Denise Broz

Matthew Wierenga

Ryan Greenway

Mark Badovinac

Karen Foster

Chris Veneklasen

Donald Quick

Stephanie N White

Christina Cosacco

Anita Filip

Heidi Ramirez

Sandy Burnham

Amber Larson

Dennis Rothenthaler

Jane Reed

Elaine Ginsberg

Timothy Cooper

Dana Chien

Gary Schultz

Lawrence Albaugh

Lynne Courts

Mara Hartman

Susan Murray

JoAnn Torrence

Robert Bisbee

patricia thorn


Lesa Ignasiak

Margaret Saponaro

Michele Doyle

Anne Wilson

Kathleen Ringeisen

Suspa Inc Suspa Two

Michael Mabin

Ryan Stoll

Kaye Powell

James Christopoulos

Kenneth DeBoer

Judith Swann

Robert Melendy

Jeffrey Heinze

Corey Banks

Michelle Sinas

Christina Costello

Susan Vanliere

Denise Barlow

Marybeth Basener

Kenneth Schepers

Susan Cole

Steven Blasberg

Rosalyn Gallo

David Fournier

Mary Goldberg

Carolyn Luckett

Gary Vankirk

Coleen Steele

chris wright

Wayne Vredenburg

Jack Mccarthy

Aaron Gardner

Karine Lafontant

mary cohle

Ainslie Vandersluis

Randy Van Antwerp

Linda Bellgraph

wanda goodenough

Marilyn Rapp

Barbara Setterlund

Krisha Hoffman

Sylvester Bush II

Robert Straub

mary anne porter

Janice Heeren

Lynne Stolk

Rolleen Westfall

Teresa Amann

Dennis Wilcox

Martha McKeiver

Eric Bennett

Karen Bultema

Mary Brandon

Lori Beason

Bonnie Whetstone

Francine Farrington

Warren Lanphear

Barbara E Beineman

Karilyn Frederick

Ted and Mary Kneibel