There are many ways you can help the Santa Claus Girls

Can you help?

Then you have what it takes to help the Santa Claus Girls make miracles all over again this Christmas. Each year hundreds of volunteers pull the community together to make sure no child age 12 and under in Kent County goes with a gift.

You can work as much or as little as you want from Thursday December 9 through Sunday December 12. Curbside pickup will be Saturday December 11 8am-5pm. We will need helpers to set up, clean up, registration, bag gifts or just be a helper.


Because of COVID and the delta variant, we are asking that all volunteers be vaccinated.


President oversees all the workings of Organization.

Vice President

Assists the President in order to assume the President role. Must know all workings of Organization.

Driver Coordinator

Responds to all email and phone calls, sets up drivers to drive delivery day and coordinates with the Y’s Men’s Service Club


Needs to make coffee for the amount of people working every day. Cleans up break/lunch room, makes sure all food is properly put away. Check to make sure we have all the needs for kitchen area. Vacuums all areas when necessary.

Interested? Please contact Mary Bartling at

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There are many ways you can help the Santa Claus Girls

Our volunteer capacity has been reached this year due to our limited space. Thank you to all who are volunteering and to all of you who tried.

Thank you for thinking of the Santa Claus Girls. We could not do this without you!