How to help besides giving money

It takes a lot for a volunteer-run charity to buy, wrap and deliver presents to thousands of Grand Rapids-area children each year. A lot of money, yes, but also a lot of heart.

In addition to donating money, there are many other ways you can partner with the Santa Claus Girls to show your love for our community’s children. Here are some of our ongoing needs:

*Volunteering: You can work as much or as little as you want from Thursday December 9 through Sunday December 12. We will need helpers to set up, clean up, registration, bag gifts or just be a helper. Please click here to sign up to volunteer.

*Building space: No, gifts don’t magically arrive via sleigh from the North Pole. They come out of our workshop. Each year the Santa Claus Girls need donated building space to accomplish our mission. We’re grateful for willing partners that provide upwards of 50,000 square-feet from mid-September through the end of December.

*Leadership: The Santa Claus Girls always need help buying, wrapping and delivering gifts. We also need leaders to coordinate the whole process. If you have a heart for kids, good organizational skills and are willing to devote your time through the fall, then you’re a perfect candidate to be our next president or vice president. We also need floor leaders to head up the various steps in the gift-giving process like buying, sorting, bagging, routing, loading and delivering. No leadership experience is necessary.

*Packaging: The less we spend on packaging and supplies, the more we can devote to gifts for our community’s children. Your donations of holiday wrapping paper, tape and plastic bags are a huge help.

*Snacks: The Santa Claus Girls work up an appetite getting ready for delivery day. We appreciate donations of coffee, pop, water, snacks and cookies throughout the season, and our drivers enjoy beverages to keep them going on the big delivery day.

Please email us in what ways you wish to help.