Lest Santa Forget…

On behalf of thousands of local children who receive gifts from the Santa Claus Girls each year, and countless more who have been given presents over the past century, we thank you for supporting our community’s mission of making sure no child is forgotten.

Your donation blesses children by helping provide gifts to Kent County children age 12 and under who wouldn’t receive a gift without your help. Thank you!

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Tuesday's Publication 11/28/2017

Russell and Kay Mitchell                $30.00

Anna Rokis          $18.00

Fred Schad          $20.00

Janice Siegel       $25.00

Karl and Suzanne Osborn             $25.00

David and Melissa Pettijohn        $100.00

Sparta Lions Club              $200.00

David Young       $250.00

Paula A Mutrynowski     $50.00

Gary and Cynthia Humphries      $50.00

Bev Westrate Siekman  $25.00

Patrick A Cunningham    $20.00

William and Joyce Sawinski          $25.00

Donald and Christine Ekdom       $25.00

Connie Hale        $10.00

Greater Grand Rapids USBC Association                $150.00

NPPC Meengs Circle       $100.00

Arlene A Fansher             $25.00

Thomas and Susan Vansluyters $20.00

John and Sue Jensen      $500.00

William and Laraine Main              $50.00

Helen Lang          $25.00

Lester and Patricia Albright          $10.00

Sherrill Ball          $25.00

William and Laraine Main              $50.00

William and Marie reynolds         $25.00

Pfizer Foundation            $100.00

William and Laraine Main              $50.00

Carol Thomas     $100.00

Amy Dyk              $250.00

Jennifer Nugent               $216.00

William and Laraine Main              $50.00

Gregory Peak    $500.00

Anonymous       $322.60

GE Foundation  $200.00

William & Laraine Main  $50.00

Margaret L. Baumgart/Siegfried A. Baumgart      $50.00

Alex C. Bierfeldt Jr. /Ingrid Eerdmans Bierfeldt    $20.00

Patricia Palen     $10.00

Sandra J Viau     $10.00

GBU Financial Life District 707     $237.00

Inta L. Grace       $500.00

Wolverine Carton Community Club          $500.00

FBRI-TECH INC. $5,000.00

Karilyn Frederick              $250.00

Vijay Jegakumar                $2.00

Anonymous       $5.00

Danny Gaydou  $250.00

Thomas W. Summers/Elizabeth A Summers         $500.00

Janet Fewin        $25.00

Women of the Moose    $200.00

Richard C. Williams           $400.00

Irwin Seating Company Children’s Charity Fund  $500.00

J.P.Morgan Chase Bank $2,500.00

Harriet A Dray    $100.00

Phyliss J Myers  $50.00

Anonymous       $10.00

Janice Siegel       $50.00

Bruce D. Langlois/Joanne Langlois             $100.00

Lesa A Ignasiak  $100.00

Casnovia Ladies Literary Club      $105.00

Western Districts Members Credit Union DEMATIC Employees  $10,000.00

The Charles F. Gates, Jr. Foundation        $15,100.00

Tom and Mickie Fox Family Advised Fund             $1,000.00

In MEMORY of Harvey F. Nikodem from Theodore and JoAnn Nikodem $25.00

In MEMORY of Clayton L Jones and Greyson H Warren from Ethel L Warren         $100.00

In MEMORY of Ryan Meyers from Edward and Ann Meyers         $25.00

In MEMORY of Norman Sedelbauer from Meijer Finance Department    $60.00

In MEMORY of my Sister Mary McCartin from Dorothy Columbus              $50.00

In MEMORY of Anna Annable Pellow from Phillip and Nancy Vogel           $30.00

In MEMORY of Anna Annable Pellow from Robert and Cathleen Bromley              $40.00

In MEMORY of Anna Annable Pellow from Donald and Karen Baker         $50.00


IN MEMORY OF Kenneth and Betty Whittington from Wayne Whittington             $5.00

IN MEMORY OF Kenneth and Betty Whittington from Wayne Whittington             $20.00

IN MEMORY OF  Bonnie June Thomas from Carol Thomas              $50.00

IN MEMORY OF  OUR PARENTS  from Bob and Kathy Hann           $15.00

IN MEMORY OF Jeremy Waranica Love you alsways my son. Mom             $25.00

IN MEMORY OF Harry Waranica Thanks for the life lessons dad. Patrice  $25.00

IN LOVING MEMORY OF our parents Adrain and Harriet Van Bennekom, our brother Jackie Van Bennekom and our sister Betty Ann Looman from the Family.             $30.00

IN MEMORY OF Trooper Martin Miller from The Casnovia Ladies Literary                $100.00

IN MEMROY OF our special nephew Steven. From Uncle Les and Aunt Sheila      $100.00

IN MEMORY OF my mother Marguerite Kiel and her granddaughters Denise and Kimberly Kiel from Kay Kiel $40.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Thursday, 11/30/2017:

Larry L Scudder/Judith N. Scudder            $25.00

Darlene J. Braunschneider           $50.00

Wild Red Hatters/Helen Hoover                 $100.00

IN MEMORY OF Ever and Axel from Linda and Howard Keegstra $50.00

IN MEMORY OF my husband William Fitzgerald from Betty Fitzgerald       $50.00

IN MEMROY OF our parents Judy and Joe Mickley             $100.00

IN MEMORY OF Patricia Geerling from Thomas L. Geerling            $200.00

IN MEMORY OF Shane and Shirley from Gary Babcock     $100.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Sunday, 12/03/2017:

Patsy L Lewis       $50.00

Roger J. Bolhouse/Jane K. Bolhouse        $100.00

Kerrie Anne Doezema    $100.00

Walter F. Whitman          $200.00

Alice C Stout       $100.00

Kenneth/Margaret Schwartz and Becky,Matt,Nick,Scott,Sarah,Angie,Annie,Caden,Hudson,Cole,Leah,Lyla,Nolan and Adia        $40.00

Nancy J. Massingham/Lousie M. Edison $25.00

Theodore and Shirley Pacifici      $20.00

Dolorine Vainavicz            $10.00

Golden K Kiwanis Club Of Grand Rapids                  $300.00

Charles R. Frydrych Jr.     $100.00

Judith Ann Bialk                $50.00

Walter Mark Etheridge and Judy Etheridge          $15.00

The North  Park Presbyterian Priscilla Circle           $25.00

Joseph M. Jerista and Barbara Jerista       $75.00

Burton H. Bouwkamp     $100.00

Constance S. Ellis              $50.00

Elizabeth Kozak                  $250.00

Bob and Ruth Burr           $100.00

Dave and Patsy Hoek     $100.00

In Memory of Patti Koomen from Family and Friends      $600.00

In Memory of my friend Melony Marecek from Janet L. Kailing  $25.00

In Memory of Bea, John &Millie, Bill &Cora, and Gordie from Ronald and Beatrice Van’t Hof          $200.00

In Memory of Dan love Mom     $116.21

In Memory of Dr.& Mrs. R.H. Fell              $50.00

In Memory of Greg Meeusen Jr from The Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Team at HDVCH     $25.50

To honor our parents from W.Bosze & K. Bosze $200.00

In loving memory of my dad and mom (Edward and Betty Kavaluskis) love your daughter              $50.00

In Memory of Louis P. Mulder from Dale and Susan Mulder          $100.00

In Memory of Jim Sproul from Laurie, Brett and Scott     $200.00

In lieu of Christmas Gifts from R. Stevenson, L Piecininno and J. Oman    $300.00

In Memory of Alice Johnson, Phil and Monica Wood from Mark and Sally Johnson             $75.00

From Gramps and Gram               $50.00

In Memory of Betty Redner from Sue, Greg, and Mark  $250.00

In Memory of Sarah Steele from Uncle Pat and Aunt Roe              $25.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Tuesday , 12/05/2017:

Janet K. Dressander/George A Dressander          $100.00

Jane L. Hondelink             $50.00

James and Kathy Walsh $1,500.00

Jane R. Schaper/Michael K. Schaper         $25.00

Joyce E Latreille $200.00

Vera Humphries/Doug Humphries           $50.00

Dennis G. Post  $200.00

James K Watkins,MD/Janet W. Watkins $50.00


In Memory of Burr and Lillian Eveleth, love Stella, Jim,Debbie,Bridget and Kristen              $50.00

In Memory of Thorne and Florence Brown love Stella, jim, Deibbie,Bridget and Kristen  $50.00

In Memory of Victor and Madeline Johnson from the Brown Family         $25.00

In Memory of Leon and Margeret DeJongh from the Brown Family          $25.00

In Memory of Bud Fairbrother a great Santa Claus Girl from Geraldine L. Fairbrother/Judith Hoebeke/Patrick Fairbrother          $30.00

In honor of my grand and great grandchildren from Ruth Kutsche             $50.00

In Memory of our mother Kathyn Loud and Mary Cole from Bill and Kathy Cole  $100.00

In Memory of Katie and Dave Osborne from John and Janet Frydenlund               $25.00

In Memory of Jill B. and Betsy Hourning from David J. Horning     $100.00

In Memory of michael Pullen from Toni and Family           $100.00

In loving memory of our parents Steve and Ruby Igleski from Bob and Char Lastacy           $100.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Thursday, 12/07/17:

Carol and Richard Barber               $25.00

John Roger and Hilda Spoering    $300.00

Laura A. Ellis       $50.00

Richard and Nancy Court               $25.00

Sidney and Patricia Smith             $25.00

Dave and Mari Beswick  $500.00

Gregory and Phyllis Baker             $10.00

R.L. and J.E. Forgar          $50.00

Mr. & Mrs. Leo P Devarenne      $50.00

Ray and Elizabeth Skeins               $30.00

David and Laura Johnson               $50.00

Joan K. Quakkelaar           $50.00

Union High “Class of 61” Peppermill Breakfast Club          $210.00

AJ Veneklasen Inc.           $2,500.00

Anonymous       $50.00

John and Betsy Belbot    $50.00

From Paul and Jane        $200.00

From The Hodges             $200.00

Laddies Sportsmen Club Inc.       $125.00

Marvin and Virginia          $100.00

Marilyn Stephens             $20.00

Carol and Christopher Kurlenda $50.00

D.J. and L.K. Newton      $100.00

Cambridge I.S.G.              $500.00

In memory of  Scott Brewer, Roger Cavner, Iris Clark, Deloris Dey, Bob Lord, Don Garner,      Shirley Peckham, Jeans Rockwell, Clayton Smith, Kent Vana, Mary Van Putten, Ron Walling and Andon Wright from Stephen and Shirley Carlson                  $325.00

In memory of Jeremy Waranica from Beverly     $50.00

In memory of Bill and Angie Yule and Ralph R. Roberts from Shirley M. Yule          $100.00

In the name of our daughter Brianne from Donald and Janis Parker           $250.00

In Memory of Bert and Florence DeBoer, Brandi DeBoer, Marge Hulsapple and Lois Baker from the DeBoer Family                  $200.00

In Memory of Ralph Campione from Dolores Campione $50.00

In Memory of Dad from Judy Blum          $25.00

In Memory of George and Thomas Diehl from Doris M. Diehl       $200.00

In Memory of my parents Edward and Elsie Kowalczyk from Bernadette Morgan               $100.00

In Memory of my husband George Blum from Mary Ann/ In Memory of my dad George Blum from Judy               $25.00

In Memory of the loved ones we no longer have with us from The Randalls          $100.00

In Memory of David and Linda Randall from the Randalls               $100.00

In Memory of Tim Randall from the Randalls        $50.00

In Memory of Mike and Bina Randall from the Randalls  $50.00

In Memory of James and Allison Randall from the Randalls            $50.00

In Memory of Braydon Randall from the Randalls               $25.00

In Memory of Alaina Randall from the Randalls  $25.00

In Memory of Naina Randall from the Randalls    $25.00

In Memory of Sejal Randall the Randalls                 $25.00

In Memory of James Riekse Sr., James Riekse Jr., and Jack Zepp from Helena Riekse        $100.00

In Memory of Grace Topping from Jerry and Marilyn Mull             $30.00

In loving memory of our parents and grandparents , Robert and Ardith Portwood and our sister and Aunt Vicky from Roger and Gaylynn Williams and Bob and Tammy Bond  $400.00

In Memory of Bruce Webb and Eric James Webb missing you daily Yvonne Webb               $25.00

In Memory of Wanda Mae Beyer from Janet Boyles         $30.00

In Memory of Harold Lemke from his family        $20.00

In Memory of our dear friend Dorothy Ferris from Wayne and Judy Johnson        $50.00

In loving memory of my parents Gene and Hazel Wyngarden from Kim Wyngarden          $75.00

In Memory of Verna Mae Austin from Frank and Marcia Queen                  $50.00

In Memory of Verna Mae Austin from Robert Austin       $50.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Sunday, 12/10/17:

Ronald and Geraldine Urbanski $20.00

Cheryl and Gary Schadler              $200.00

Fred and Judith L. Carlon              $80.00

Joann Marshall  $25.00

Florence and Geoffrey Goodyear             $300.00

Robert and Susan E. Courtade    $500.00

Raymond and Magdalene Gort  $100.00

Robert and Valerie Dutmers        $100.00

Mark and Gina Nyp         $25.00

Dick and Cathy Bassett  $100.00

Rachel Guyton  $30.00

Anonymous        $30.00

West Side Community Council, INC.         $50.00

Caledonia Womens Club               $100.00

Donald E. Leclair               $50.00

Donna Burns       $50.00

John S Sella         $100.00


The Don Dykstra Family $1,000.00

American Legion Post Auxiliary #47          $100.00

Merry Christmas Diane and Anna from Rosemary thank you for the good work!!                $25.00

The Grand Rapids Cribbage Club               $75.00

Betty G Hall        $200.00

The North Park Presbyterian      $50.00

Susan Wesley for Estelle Woods                $20.00

Ricky L Watson  $150.00

Theresa Teneyck               $50.00

Hedwig Woltschlaeger    $100.00

Sandra Shank     $50.00

Ric and Mary Richard       $100.00

David and Janice Gier      $100.00

Bruce Edward Honholt   $200.00

Robert and Nancy Prescher         $100.00

From the Smith Family: Edward Smith, Nancy Norden, Mary Greager and Robert Smith  $200.00

Anonymous       $50.00

Mike and Mary Beth Sackrison    $50.00

Residents and Red Hatters of Leisure Village Manufactured Home Park, Belmont               $708.00


In Memory of my mom Margaret Bouwens Love your daughter Val and son in low Ron. $100.00

In Memory of Rick from Donna Marek    $100.00

In loving memory of Jan and Vincent Veldhouse from Ronald and Janice Veldhouse         $150.00

In Memory of Roy & Hazel, Don & Berthann Huizinga and Frank & Dorothy Hoff from Marc and Christine Huizinga                $50.00

In loving memory of Dorothy Wier from her husband Al Wier       $25.00

In loving memory of my wife Marian from John Miller     $100.00

In Memory of Charles& Kate Frydrych, Joan Frydrych, Harry & Larraine Popiel, Harry Bryska and John Czarnopys from Jean Czarnopys $100.00

In Memory of Harry and Jeremy Waranica from Greg and Nina    $100.00

In loving memory of Stephen Gill from mom and dad, siblings, and nephews and nieces                $100.00

In Memory of Dan and Rick Pratt, husband and son of Jacqueline J. Pratt               $100.00

In loving memory of our parents Nick and Pauline Saladino, Tony and Christine Pirrone from Nicholas and Louise Saladino.               $100.00

In loving memory of Roland, Marjorie and Karen Beineman from Barbara and Joan           $100.00

In Memory of Lloyd and Gertrude Centilli from Don Centilli          $50.00

In Memory of our friends and family from Phillip and Melinda McCabe   $100.00

In Memory of my husband, our Dad and my Grandpa Richard C “Mac” McDonell from Carol, Jim, Anna and Jimmy McDonell.           $20.00

In Memory of Louis D. Evanzo Jr. from Suzy and Family  $30.00

In Memory of my husband Thomas Grimm from Carol Ann          $50.00

In Memory of Charles Watson, Grand Daughter Charis Ann Watson, Great Grand Daughter Murphy Charis Peters from Grace Watson         $60.00

In Memory of Darrell and Donna Reid from the Reid Family          $30.00

In Loving Memory of Our Family: Andy LaBryn-Keith Sullivan-Barb LaBryn-Dale Vanderwall-Mary Sullivan-Scott LaBryn and Sue Seabert. Love and Miss you ALL. Doug and Chris Vanderwall.

In loving Memory of Willard Groen and Alfred and Ruby VanderMolen from Wayne and Linda VanderMolen , Eric, Angie, Lilyana, Briella and Alyiah Dykgraaf, Joe, Holli, Collin, Logan, Ethan, and Cameron VanderMolen.  $100.00

In Memory of Great Grandpa Wilson from Conlon, Tyler and Asher          $200.00

In Memory of our parents Bernard & Betty Lyons and Allen & Alice Davidson from Bob & Sally Lyons.       $200.00

In Memory of my dad, Kenneth Nelson from Sharon Nelson        $300.00

In Memory of our Grandparents the Smiths        $150.00

In Memory of Henry, Opal and Gin Degood from Family                 $50.00

In honor of my daughter and son in law, Nancy and David Morrison and in memory of my wife Joy. From Rogers M Johnson                $100.00

In Memory of Ron and Ginny Broersma from Walt, Pam, Susan, and Katie Lockwood.      $50.00

In loving memory of Gertrude and Clifford Cheadle         $50.00

In Honor of “Five” Straight football “State Championships” For “Grand Rapids West Catholic High School” Give me a High “Five”. “West” is the “Best”. Bern Geerling and Carole Riddering     $1,000.00

In Memory of Clarence Hamilton with love your wife Nancy        $25.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Tuesday, 12/12/17:

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone from Julie and Ryder $25.00

From The Heinze Family                $150.00

Lois E Beckering                $100.00

In Lieu of Christmas Cards from Pete and Bernice             $50.00

In Lieu of Christmas gifts for Jeff Battershall, Rich Bouma, Laura Jeltema, and Kelly Hollingsworth from Juli Ortiz.                  $100.00

Love to my grandchildren and great grandchildren love Marge Burke       $200.00


In Memory of Mary & Denise Jackson from Paul McFarlane         $100.00

In Memory of Case &Helen Heeren from Paul McFarlane               $100.00

In Memory of George and Sophie Tomich & Gilbert and Adelaide Heller from Michael Tomich and Jeanne Glowicki                $200.00

In Memory of our Santa Claus Art Holland with love Vicki and Brian Tingley            $500.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Sunday, 12/17/17:

Ellen J. Bruinsma              $100.00

Anonymous       $100.00

Anonymous        $100.00

Merry Christmas Anne, Mike, Mary and Terri from Lawrence and Clara Miller       $100.00

Diane Sciba         $50.00

Thomas Marschall            $40.00

In liue of Christmas Cards for our family and friends God bless you Paul and Barbara France          $100.00

In honor of our grandchildren Grace and Brady Becker from Brian and Yvette Becker        $100.00

Magnan Family $50.00

Nancy Anne Groenendyk             $25.00

Richard and Patricia Bandy           $100.00

Shawn and Katherine Elkins        $25.00

Nancy Rudnik     $20.00

Dennis and Kathleen Merizon    $50.00

Gloria Ver Duin $100.00

Richard and Elizabeth Barrett      $50.00

Knights of Columbus Council #4362           $500.00

Ron and Bonnie Bostwick             $25.00

Anonymous        $25.00

Richard and Nancy Robinson       $200.00

Annabelle and Blane Avey           $100.00

Ms. Lorraine Wood          $25.00

Ellen McGowan $100.00

Sue Ellen Zuchowski        $40.00

Darlene K. Hartman        $100.00

Clarence and Nancy Hamilton      $25.00

Steelcase Retiree Club   $50.00

Peggy Hawxhurst             $100.00

In lieu of Christmas cards from David Bailey         $25.00

Mel and Linda Schumacher           $50.00

Julie & Steve Booher and Jim & Sue Verlinde      $20.00

Thomas and Christine Herzog     $120.00

Cheryl Fulton     $100.00

Carol and Mark Brock     $100.00

Linda A. Myers  $50.00

First (Park) Congregational Church (Park Partners)            $500.00

Dennis E. Scully $1,000.00

Shirley M Overbeek         $30.00

Kathleen and Keith Wolverton   $25.00

EPS Security and Employees       $1,000.00

From Noah, Camren, Grace, Brielle and Vincent                 $100.00

Eric and Karen Schultz    $50.00

Michael and Jean Wahlfield         $100.00

David and Patricia Allen $100.00

Brenda J. and Michael F. Cripps $50.00

Caledonia United Methodist Church Women In Step       $100.00

Rob & Annete Young      $100.00

Calvin Christian Class of 1977 Breakfast Group     $125.00

Lewis and Debra Hopkins             $250.00

Grand Rapids Kellogg Plant           $606.00

APICS Grand Rapids Chapter       $100.00

Janet C. Winter                  $25.00

Rodney J. Van Tol            $100.00

Dale Brock and Claire Fairchild-Brock       $25.00

RVW Painting LLC/Randall G Vanwingerden         $25.00

Vince and Betty Brown  $100.00

Anonymous        $20.00

Martha and Michael Kolarik         $200.00

In honor of a great boss Dr. Gina Ang from your loving staff         $100.00

Al and Laurie Mooney     $50.00

From Linda Welch            $20.00

From Parkwood Presbyterian Women’s Book Club           $135.00

In Honor of our Grandchildren from Jack and Sally Wilson             $40.00

Grandpa Jack Berry from Jake, Jordan and Paige Gebhardt           $50.00

In honor of grandchildren Brayden, Cade,Lily,and Elly      $100.00

Terri Martin         $20.00

Anonymous        $25.00

From Jerry & Debbie Roper          $50.00

Timothy Ainsworth         $50.00

Merry Christmas, Tayler and Tyler Weny,Katie, Matt and Emily Willemin, Abby and Johnny Molt and Tom and Katie Krachenberg love Aunt Diane.    $100.00

Cassie Patterson               $50.00

Mike and Sharon Dykstra             $100.00

Mary DeRuiter  $100.00

Mary O’Rourke  $25.00

Kimberly Perry  $20.00

Scott Smith         $20.00

Mike, Karin & Matt Griffin            $100.00

Rick and Mary Bartling   $100.00

Rod and Caty McNeil      $200.00

Anonymous        $25.00

Anonymous       $100.00

From Emma Jean Hamilton Albrecht        $25.00

On behalf of our two wonderful bosses, John Globensky-City Treasurer and Roberta Cahill-Deputy City Treasurer/ Grand Rapids City Treasurer’s office         $75.00

Robert and Donna Zerfas             $25.00

In honor of our family from Marilyn Grimes         $25.00


In memory of Julie Liszewski from Rick Johnson                  $100.00

In memory of Nancy Lindhout from the “Divas” $25.00

In memory of Edward Elderkin from John Elderkin            $200.00

In memory of John, Linda, Pat, and Chart from Debra Steffes      $50.00

In memory of my father, Steve Misak from Karen Beukema        $50.00

In memory of Betty VerMerris from her loving family      $35.00

In memory of my father, Eugene Krieger from Paul Krieger          $100.00

In memory of my mom Harriet De Haan who loved children and Christmas time! From Joan VanManen $100.00

In memory of Abe Abraham       $50.00

In memory of James and Arlene Hill from Karey Hill          $75.00

We remember Phillis and Gertrude Ren & C.J.    $100.00

In memory of Thomas (AL) Boyles from the Standale Senior Bridge Group

In memory of Bruce Wagner with love from your family $50.00

In loving memory of my husband Dick from Pat Palmitier              $100.00

In memory of LuLu and Fred Schwartz and Hank Padilla from Judith Padilla           $50.00

In memory of Roy Mangus from Phyllis and Families        $50.00

In memory of Grandma Penny love Ben, Adam, Olivia, and Grace Koster                $75.00

In memory of our loving grandson Nathan from grandparents Larry and Esther Brummel               $100.00

In memory of Lola and Holly Bunny           $10.00

In loving memory of our beloved son Bruce from Ernest and Joan Patterson         $100.00

In memory of my daughter, Mary Elizabeth Gregels from Regina Waldon               $25.00

In memory of Kathy from Sue     $10.00

In loving memory of Charlie Chase from Kay and Family $100.00

In memory of: Those we miss at Christmas Sonny Heeren, Mike Stolk, Ed and Arlene DenBoer, Tom, Becky, Jenny, and Kamrie Heeren from Jim and Jan       $100.00

In memory of Paula Vande Lune from Steven and Laura Vande Lune        $100.00

In memory of Anthony and Caroline Schumacker, Edward and Anna Rebone Norma Bortz from Ken and Ilene Schumacker       $50.00

In loving memory of my wife Sharon McPharlin from Mike McPharlin      $200.00

In loving memory of our parents Marvin and Mary Helen Holzgen from Mike and Susan London $50.00

In loving memory of Dick Hansen & Hansen, White, Hastings & Balke Families.  Celestine Zalewski Schmidt & Schmidt, Meyer and Sikors Families from Phyllis and Jim  $75.00

In loving memory of my husband Ron from Carolyn Miller            $25.00

In memory of Rita Loew from Charles Loew          $75.00

In loving memory of my husband, Charlie and son Steve from Lorraine LaVigne  $50.00

In memory of our parents Roy & Frieda Sovereign and Ernest & Louise Tower      $30.00

In loving memory of my grandmother Mildred Starr by Mary Curtis Barrett           $25.00

In memory of Bobby Beuker and Marjorie Holder             $100.00

In memory of former Sun Oil Co. Employees (Sunoco) from Rod Strunk $50.00

In memory of “Our Pastor Bob” from Gerry, Kris, Pat, Dan, Dave, and their Families.        $200.00

In memory of our parents Teresa & Herman Buning and Jennie & Gerit Devries from Donald & Eunice Buning     $50.00

In memory of our son Steven Michael Simpson from Anne and Darold Simpson                  $75.00

In memory of Rich and Doug Zmudka from Pat Zmudka $25.00

In memory of Neal and Barbara VanderWoude from Anne VanderWoude            $100.00

In memory of Shirley Penler from Tops 1324 Wyoming    $76.00

In memory of C&J Telman and C&M Bettum from Lois and Cal Telman     $75.00

In memory of Ray from Garnet Runstrom             $25.00

In memory of Royal, Bettie, and Teague Breimayer from Winn Setchfield Family                $100.00

In memory of husband Jack Delaat from wife Marge        $25.00

In memory of our loves ones no longer with us from Dwayne & Pamela Shustha               $50.00

In memory of Uncle Barney Kamradt from Charlie and Sue           $25.00

In memory of Mike Billingsley from James Stewart           $100.00

In memory of Boyd & Jeanne Condon and George & dorothy Waller from Bob and Eloise Waller                 $100.00

In memory of Dalton Bo Dame from Grandma Richards  $25.00

In memory of Albert, Michael, Diann Skwarek from Phyllis Skwarek          $50.00

In memory of Lois Slanger from Walter Slanger and Larry Slanger               $25.00

In memory of my husband Emmett Schoenborn, my parents Ernest and Jessie Christian, my sister and husband Gordon and Nanette Valkier From Bonnie Schoenborn  $100.00

In loving memory of Debra kay Saunders and Beth Marie Gardner love Mom      $25.00

In memory of John (Jack) Palczewski from his Family       $225.00

In memory of Juanita Deere, Frank P. Mroz Sr., Frank Mroz Jr. from Penny and Tim           $200.00

In memory of our grandson’s Bernie Raap III and Ray Raap from Grandpa and Grandma Umlor   $25.00

In loving memory of our parents Henry & Cora and our brother Henery Jr. from the Hotl Family $225.00

In memory of my husband Henry Zeman and my daughter, Theresa Zeman         $50.00

In memory of our fathers, William Legate and Charles Wells and our mother  Bonnie Legate and beloved Niece Joslyn Wells. From Bill and Diane Legate              $100.00

In memory of my mother Anna Bykerk Leep from Gert Wolfert                  $100.00

In memory of our Niece Beth DeBruyne Mohr. From Dick and Phyllis Okrangley                  $200.00

In loving memory of Richard & Martha and Buth & Lindsay Ellen Pichette from their grateful family            $1,500.00

In memory of Greg Boomstra from Dad, Mom, Brad,Sarah,Myah, Eli, Josh, Dave and Miranda     $150.00

In memory of Ralph and Nicole Ringeisen from Kathleen Ringeisen and family    $50.00

In loving memory of my husband Marv Morren from wife Mary                 $75.00

In memory of my husband Steven R. Brown from Melanie Brown             $100.00

In memory of Janna L. Kelly from Employes and Associates of Burr & Company/ Koop & Burr        $2,776.00

In memory of David Beilke, Santo Principe and Jerry Morris from Steve Millard   $25.00

In memory of Our Rainbow girl, our dear daughter, Karen Renee Black, with love always from Mom and Dad.     $25.00

In memory of Crystal Terrell-Poll from her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.        $230.00

In memory of Grandpa Bob Gebhardt from Jake, Jordan, and Paige Gebhardt    $50.00

In memory of Mom, Mary Field, from Marybeth and Keith            $50.00

In memory of my husband Daniel J. Kozak Sr. from his wife Phyllis Kozak               $50.00

In memory of Abe Abraham from Rick Powell     $50.00

In memory of Fran Syrba from Kenneth Syrba    $150.00

In memory of Alice Egolf from Kirby Egolf             $100.00

In memory of my mom Dorothy Schoon                $100.00

In loving memory of our grandpa Bob Ondersma and Rocko. We miss you Soooo much, we love you, your grandchildren Breanna Emaus, Kylie and Colton Ondersma,         $100.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Tuesday, 12/19/2017:

Kathryn Lipner  $1,000.00

George and Wilma Kiefer             $200.00

Anonymous       $200.00

John Kerr             $100.00

Anonymous       $1,000.00

Bradford Baldwin             $100.00

Kristen Ditta       $50.00

Jim and Linda Saber        $25.00

Sam and Ann Vasiu         $100.00

The Bell Family  $100.00

Pamela Maniscalco          $200.00

Anonymous       $500.00

Randall Currey    $25.00

Jim Wiercinski    $300.00

Thomas Casares               $100.00

Katherine Matthews      $100.00

Linda Hoffman  $50.00

Ronald Ditmar   $100.00

Werner Veit       $250.00

Joyce Horath       $100.00

Brian Werth         $300.00


In memory of Bob and Esther Schichtel, Phillip, Paul and sweet Patrick from Nan Schichtel            $100.00

In memory of John and Helen Slezak, Estele Slezak from Michael Slezak $50.00

In memory of our Mother Lois Slanger and Father Donald Palmer from Bill Slanger and LouAnn Palmer    $100.00

In memory of Vincent John Cooper from Shelia McGrath              $50.00

In memory of Laurence D. and Barbara L. Smith from David Smith              $150.00

In memory of my dad, Otto DeBruyn, and the years we delivered Santa Claus Girls packages as kids- always a highlight of Christmas! From Karen DeBruyn       $100.00

In loving memory Doris E. and Leon E. White from David White $250.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Thursday 12/21/17:

In honor of our grandchildren Grace and Brady Becker from Brian and Yvette Becker       $100.00

Kari & Bryon Hammons $50.00

Beverly L. and Thomas E. Verburg            $75.00

Virgil J. and Louise C. Phelps Trust             $100.00

Mary Martha Circle/Courtland-Oakfield United Methodist            $25.00

Robert and Lois Yntema                $50.00

Grand Rapids Assembly 68 SOOB              $25.00

From Sylvia, Oscar, Max, Ian and Niklas  $250.00

Monica Zahm     $50.00

Linda L. Stewart                $35.00

Alpha Omega Master     $50.00

People First Payee Service/Sharen Dryer               $50.00

Gregory and Susan Winer            $100.00

Anne and Peter Genthe                $20.00

John Bauer          $100.00

Robert & Susan Milanowski         $100.00

River City Mechanical      $250.00

Robert and Teresa Whymer        $100.00

The “Coors Light Monday Night Men’s” Bowling League $75.00

Dick & Vicki Kuzma          $10.00

Marjorie Price    $100.00

Richard Fritz       $100.00

Lynn and Kay Sommerfeld           $1,000.00

In Lieu of Christmas Gifts for Sturm and Pryke Family      $200.00

“Just Good Friends, Sparta”         $50.00

David R. & Betty M. Jenkins          $100.00

Mrs. Stella Austin             $25.00

The McCarthy Family      $223.00

Arthur and Donna Veltman         $200.00

Jim & Kathy Lear               $100.00

Donald & Sue Wisner      $275.00

Iva Garvey Witte              $20.00

Susan Fehsenfeld            $25.00

Larry & Suzanne Latham               $250.00

Jeffrey and Margaret Beusse     $500.00

Gerald and Kay Snyder  $25.00

Domincos Guild, Penny Schwant,MaryJO Gosselin,Pat Den Besten, Arlene Reitz, and Patricia Jackson     $104.71

Marquita Campbell         $100.00

Purity/Airway Employees and Company Match  $23,413.66

Mr. and Mrs. Howieson                 $500.00

Dematic Corp. and the great associates  $232.00

East Grand Rapids Public Schools-Latin club           $340.00

Mr. James J. Zawacki      $500.00

Sons Of American Legion Glen Hill Squadron 287                $100.00

Stephen Collins                  $10.00

Graybar Electric Company            $169.00

Anonymous        $5.00


In memory of granddaughter Rebecca Whiat & husband Delmer Homrich from Stella Homrich    $100.00

In loving memory of my husband Henry J. Ottenwess & daughter Lori Ottenwess from Iris Ottenwess     $100.00

In memory of Nedrea Kruis daughter in law from Cliff & Jean Kruis            $25.00

In memory of my husband Jiggs, the giver from his wife Kay         $500.00

In memory of Gertrude Ten Elshof from John and Dana and Family          $250.00

In loving memory of my husband, Bernard, from Clare Hall           $100.00

In loving memory of Charles H. Chase and Dr. G.W. Richart from The Patrick Chase Family             $100.00

In memory of my angels on the other side from Tuesday Hilton $50.00

In memory of Gerald Huissen from Laraine and William Main      $100.00

In memory of my husband Allen Marcus from Barbara Marcus   $30.00

In loving memory of all our loved ones so deeply missed. From Owen and Shirl Bieber    $100.00

In memory of Adam Ciesielski from Ms. Cecelia Strunk   $50.00

In memory of Clayton Jones, Greyson Warren and Junior Goodman from Ethel Jones     $100.00

From the team members at Betz Industries and Betz Pattern in the names of Karl Betz, Gregg Betz, David Moorhead and their families.            $3,185.00

In memory of Millie Strom from Martha TillStrom             $50.00

In memory of Howard & Pearl Jensen and Dale& Betty Kelly from David, Kathy, Cara, and Caitlin                $50.00

In loving memory of Doug and Laruse Mac Gregor             $100.00

In memory of Paul Patin from Mark and Donna Raaymakers/MPR Controls Inc.  $1,000.00

In memory of Edward and Jerry Gerulis from Jeanne       $50.00

In memory of James and Ruth and Tom Bulugt from Dave and Gloria Swann        $100.00

In memory of my nephews Billy and Charles from Barbara Willis                 $100.00

In memory of all our loved ones from Marcia Ellen and Charles Bozlen    $50.00

In memory of John P. Miller rom the family         $100.00

In loving memory of our grandson Wyatt from Tim and Peggy Didion       $25.00

In memory of my brother Kenneth Welton, parents Harold & Marie Welton, husband and son Robert & Howard Smith from Shirley Smith               $50.00

In memory of my husband Jim Preston, daughter Sue Preston, and my nephews Scott and Steve Baribean from Merry Lou Preston           $200.00

In memory of Evelyn Madore, our Mother , Grandmother and Great Great Grandmother and Larry Brown, our Brother, Uncle, Great Uncle from  Gene and Donna Guiher and Family, Phil and Linda Franklin and Family.             $50.00

In memory of sadly missed members from the Algoma Sunshine Circle  $50.00

In memory of Mrs. Rogers (Joy) Johnson from Marjorie and Norman Tubbs          $25.00

In memory of Muriel Ainsworth from Ben and Family     $200.00

In memory of John & Jean Freeman from Nancy Jacobus               $30.00

In loving memory of Rebecca, Rachel, and John from Dad and Lyn            $150.00

In memory of loved ones no longer with us from Dave and Diane Boyd  $50.00

In memory of Nicole Jolie Reges from Grandma and Grandpa Radecki    $200.00

In memory of our beloved Grandson Sean Van Duinen from Grandpa & Grandma Hoezee           $100.00

In memory of Kathryn Welton, my mother, from Barbara Welton              $25.00

In memory of Norman and Alberta Simpson, my grandparents, and Will and Evah (DeeDee) Walker, my uncle and aunt from Barbara Welton           $20.00

In memory of Sherri Lynn Bruining from Mom and Mathtew Angers and Carmen Angers from Dad           $50.00

In memory of Jack and Pearl Hayes from Kellie and Dan Leonard               $100.00

In memory of my husband Fritz Kluting from Agatha        $25.00

In memory of my dear husband Ray and my dear granddaughter, Jennifer from Helen Zukowski               $20.00

In memory of Pops and Randy from C.R. Willie Wurm     $10.00

In loving memory of our great grandparents Kingley & Luella Miller Bill Reed love Emmy, Jami, Larsen and Tessa $100.00

In memory of Tammy     $10.00

In memory of my husband Donald. From Mrs. Barbara Vander Mey         $25.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Sunday 12/24/17:

The Albaughs     $25.00

In lieu of gifts for my daughter and son in law Janine and Scott Kooienga from Mary Ackerson    $168.00

Spartaford Park Bunco   $100.00

Anonymous       $1,000.00

James and Arlene Rusky               $30.00

In honor of my Teachers and Bus drivers at ludington High School from Carol Timmer      $100.00

Ruth L. Post        $50.00

Christina and Kevin Miller             $50.00

Barbara Burke   $50.00

William O Reynolds         $20.00

In Lieu of gifts for Steve & Diane Ray and Keith & Collette Ray and Family from Connie Lynch       $50.00

The Ladies of the IHM Tuesday Morning Bible Study Group           $300.00

Butchers late Bloomers                  $160.00

Harry R. Kok       $50.00

Penny A Gerdeman        $30.00

Ron and Nancee Schuiteman      $25.00

Rick and Michele Christner           $50.00

Vytautas Aid Society       $100.00

Kay E. Hahn        $125.00

Steven and Cynthia Caimano      $35.00

Erik and Sally Klimek       $100.00

Sparta Lions Club               $500.00

Sons of American Legion Squadron #305               $250.00

Cathy & Aubrey Barrett and their grandmother  $100.00

In honor of grandchildren Erin, Jessie, Alex, Charles, Devin, and Brad      $30.00

Unity Church of Practical Christianity        $59.10

Biggest Losers    $86.00

Goldwing Road Riders-GR Chapter            $378.00

In honor of with much love to the Woons Family in Rochester NY and Olivia and Emilee Woons in Grand Rapids MI from Gladys Waranica     $50.00

Kent County Road Commission Engineering          $1,080.00

In loving memory of our parents Henry & Cora and our brother Henry Jr. from the Holt Family    $225.00                 Reprint name spelled wrong on 12/24/2017

In memory of our precious mothers Mary MacEachron, Alice Baker, Nellie Demann, and Gertrude Cheadle.        $25.00

In memory of Grandpa and Grandma Waalkes from Diane           $25.00

In memory of FAGO from James Nawrocki           $25.00

In memory of our dad, Bernard Heslinga a WWII Vet and step mom June. Love Sue and Colleen $15.00

In memory of Mayrne Smith and Anne Dihan     $50.00

In Memory of Anthony & Caroline Schumacher, Edward & Ann Rebone, Charles & Dorothy Pruitt, and Leonard & Vonda Pruitt love Terry & Jacqueline Schumacher            $50.00

In loving memory of Charles H. Wilson from the family   $100.00

In loving memory of our lost loved ones-Snowball & Gladys Alexander and Bob & Morna Ford & Josh & Greg. We miss you. Love Doug & Karen.     $75.00

In memory of JT VanSlooten from his girls            $50.00

In loving memory of my mother, Henerietta DeGeest from her daughter Elaine Randolph            $30.00

In memory of Edith and Jerome Zerfas with love from Nancy      $100.00

In loving memory of Yvonne from Ron   $100.00

In memory of Cheryl Sue Hood, Joe Fisher, Ray Fisher, and Ed & Cleo Hood from Edwin and Sue Hood    $50.00

In loving memory of husband Paul Mast and son Frank Mast from Jennie Mast wife and mother               $100.00

In memory of Bud & Patricia and Joel Beckett from Laurie             $50.00

In memory of Nicholas, Harriet, Jim, Nick, Jane Marie Winter, Paul Winter, Delores Ann & Ann Marie Spruit         $50.00

In memory of Ed & Francis Hupp from Tom & Marilyn Walczewski             $20.00

In memory of Tom Plesco from Michelina Falcitelli-Plesco             $50.00

In memory of our dear parents: Dorothy Schoon and Thomas & Leona Belka. From Lew & Joyce Belka.   $100.00

In memory of Lilton & Ethel Wycoff and Bob & Crystal Terrell from Ron & Kathy Wycoff  $100.00

In memory of my dear husband, Harry Waranica and beloved grandson, Jeremy Waranica, remembering loved shared-Gladys   $50.00

In memory of my mother, Maxine Packer, who knitted for Santa Claus Girls. Sylvia Packer             $25.00

In memory of Dolly Kaye from Kimberly and Daniel Croy                 $25.00

In loving memory of John Michael Flower from David & Nancy Flower     $50.00

In memory of: “my mother Ruth, little brother Pat and my father Bob from Mike Denick”             $25.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Tuesday 12/26/17:

ML Dickerson     $25.00

In honor of my grandchildren Kylie, Landon and Macie   $100.00

Bob and Janet Courts      $100.00

To a special person from David and Carol Theile $50.00

Ryan Greenway                $100.00

Mark Olman       $25.00

Keith Smith          $1,000.00

Anonymous       $250.00

Anonymous       $25.00

Patrick and Michelle Hickey          $100.00

Caroline Waltz   $100.00

Rita and Jack Kirkwood  $250.00

Norman and Judy Totten              $100.00

Mary Davis           $100.00

Claudine Duncan              $25.00

Jim Wiercinski    $135.00

Makini Clifford  $100.00

Truss Technologies           $1,000.00

To OLM from YLC             $150.00

From the Moo Family     $150.00

In honor of Laura Ayon-Azzar from Aaron Goodwin         $80.00

Alan and Sally Woodcox                 $25.00

In honor of the Patterson 6-pack and Family       $50.00

From Tom an Glynis Miller           $100.00

In honor of great-grandchildren Evelyn, Isaiah and Alisiana           $15.00

In memory of Marilyn Overkleeft from Madison Overkleeft        $30.00

In memory of beloved Santa Claus Girls: Ardis, Arlene & Nancy from Donna Watson        $150.00

In memory of Cindy Buerkens Vandermeer missing you love Mary Cheslek          $25.00

In memory of family and friends that have passed from the Hammonds                $250.00

In memory of Robert and Maryellen Zarnosky from Mary and Alan Goldberg       $300.00

In memory of John Bernhardt from your sister   $55.00

In loving memory Doris E. and Leon E. White       $250.00

In memory of Gladys and Alfred Spangler from Dianne and Chet Kokot  $25.00

In memory of our parents Gordon and Char Annis and Harry and Dorothy VanRee from David and Mary Annis     $300.00

In memory of Bert and Frances Wilholt, and Orville and Luella Seeley from Brian Seeley $25.00

In memory of Evelyn Hammond from Carrie Lipinski        $25.00

In memory of French & Betty Williams from Nancy Williams         $50.00

In memory of our Grandma Lorraine, who taught us to give from Ken Semba      $25.00

In memory of Jennifer, Pete & Max from James Ferriera                $25.00

In memory of Steve Fabeck from mom,dad and Sue       $50.00

In memory of Greatgrandpa Bud Fairbrother from James, Liz,Charlie,Grace,Kylee,Kenna,Abby,and Everett from Judy Hoebeke.            $50.00

In memory of Ron Geyer who always loved to follow the progress of the Santa Claus girls from Judith Geyer        $25.00

In memory of Andrew Papa from Megan              $200.00

In memory of Amalia (Mami,Abuela, Grandma, Ggma) Pizano. We miss you dearly love your Familia.      $50.00

In memory of my dad, James W. Spaniolo from Gloria Spaniolo  $100.00

In memory of William and Harriet Sevic from Kathleen Stone      $50.00

In memory of my mother, Louis Newell from Pat              $50.00

In memory of Ted Bieszka from David Feutz         $150.00

In memory of my mother in law Donna Livingston who loved Christmas and giving from Sean Smart         $100.00

In memory of my brother, Robert Bohr from Liz Phelan $50.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Sunday 12/31/17:

Patricia Johnson                $20.00

Mrs. MacIntosh’s preschool at Baker Elementary- Raya Klaver, Emmarie MacIntosh, Emerson Khodl, and Grace Smith.    $60.23

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Styf  $100.00

Craig Juell            $300.00

Dave & Kim         $500.00

Diane Fiebig       $30.00

Robert Rilley       $25.00

Gene & Carol Gess           $100.00

Patrick Cunningham        $20.00

William & Helen Dertien                $25.00

Peter & Shirley Pijnappels             $125.00

Robert & Ruth Eckhardt $25.00

Frederick Bowen              $100.00

Morrison Family Foundation       $500.00

Christine & Randy Dingman         $100.00

Anonymous       $1,500.00

Mark-Marker Company, INC       $1,010.00

Robert & Marcia Schaub               $2,000.00

Loyd and Suzanne Winer               $200.00

Bert & Vi Pulaski               $50.00

Kay Garland         $50.00

Michael & Yvonne Mabin             $100.00

Moose Lodge Monday Pool League         $300.00

In honor of Ben and Brittan Amann from Teresa Amann                $200.00

From the Third Grade Class at West Oakview Elementary School               $100.00

Strain Electric Contactor Party Contributions         $700.00

On behalf of all the good Samaritans out there  $100.00

In memory of our parents Dorr and Shirley Howell from Edgar and Frances Kinney            $100.00

In loving memory of Ken, Tom & Jim from Mary Regan McNeil   $50.00

In memory of Joe McCarthy from Mr.  & Mrs. Michael J. McCarthy            $25.00

Brody forever 8 from Gerald and Kelly McHugh  $50.00

In memory of parents and grandparents from Kristel Heinz-Ciullo             $50.00

In memory of Grandpa & Grandma Vining and Grandpa and Grandma Scott from Bill, Jim, Nancy, and Dave.        $5.00

In loving memory of William H. Vining from Wife, Children, and Grandchildren    $10.00

In memory of Ted Godleski from Beth, Kathy, Ted, Mike and Barb            $50.00

In memory of loving parents and grandparents, Alma Andrews, John Gregones and Elwood Larson. With love from Dale and Pamela Larson & Families.         $100.00

In loving memory of Fay Sturm from John Sturm                $100.00

In memory of William Skestone from Emily Skestone       $20.00

In memory of our Mothers and Dads Rollo & Mae Bowerman and Frank & Eva Modreske from Theron and Maryann Bowerman           $50.00

Ray and Ruth Fleming from Kathleen and Stephen Wilson            $50.00

In memory of our loved ones from Joe & Ruth Skeel       $50.00

In memory of John Dooge from Family  $100.00

In memory of the Matteson and Wiers family members that have passed away from Greg and Sue Matteson.    $50.00

In memory of Larry Askins from Michael Finn      $100.00

In memory of Al Van Eerden and Clarence and Ruth Gates from Susan Gates       $25.00

In loving memory of our employee, Donnie Witt. From Northwest Kent Mechanical Co.                  $300.00

Remembering my Dad, A. John Shoemaker from Stephen Shoemaker   $30.00

In memory of my boys, Fritz, Axel, Xito, Niko and Beowulf love you and miss you Dad, Xiggy and Bruno  $100.00

In loving memory of the Golden Girls from Dud & Marty               $100.00

In memory of Marley Orsted from Sharon Koets                $50.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Tuesday 01/02/18:

In lieu of Christmas Cards to Family and Friends from Richard and Kathryn Sweers            $100.00

From the employees of SUSPA  $509.40

Lois Parker          $50.00

Steven Waslawski and Mary Ellen Curran               $50.00

Dave & Jan Krupp            $100.00

Jack and Linda Flory        $25.00

Top Distributing                 $446.00

Thomas Larson  $200.00


In memory of Fred & Virginia Wagner from Sandra Wagner           $25.00

In memory of loved ones and friends from Raymond and Sharon Dulyea                $300.00

In loving memory of Don & Pearl Boat, Don Jr & Donna L. Coulter from Dwight & Pat Coulter        $30.00

In memory of Jim Worst, Bob Slager, Ruth Denick and Josh Mizak  from Betty Worst and Family $30.00

In memory of Addison Lynn Worst from Grandma and Grandpa Juell      $50.00

In memory of our sweet mom and grandma Margaret Reno Rainey from the Darooge Family      $200.00

In memory of Mary E (Thomson) Anthess and Keith F “Mac” McCally from Arlene, Paul, and Mike            $100.00

In memory of Tom Kubiak from Laura Kline          $10.00

In memory of Grandma and Poppy Nyenhuis love, Kyle and Carrie            $50.00

In memory of Ray & Gwen VanderLaan and Wayne & Tena Foss from Wayne & Pat         $100.00

In memory of our son and brother Kevin Jonathan Clegg His loving family             $75.00

In memory of Janet Zaagman from Bob and Family           $50.00

In memory of Blythe Hope Heniser          $15.00

In memory of Tom Johnson and Coarl Gables     $15.00

In memory of Chuck “Wiley” Sedam        $15.00

In loving memory of John and Gladys Grzeszak from Marcia, Arlene and Janice  $30.00

In memory of Donald & Rosemary Goodell miss you. Randy Dunn and Family      $25.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Thursday 01/04/18:

Charlene Harmelink        $50.00

Lester Albright  $15.00

Karen Katt           $25.00

Jack and Helen Carr         $100.00

Friday Morning Bridge Group Peggy Bansdorfer, Ann Debes, Lynn Gregory, Terry Harvey, Kate McGarry and Barbara Raby      $140.00

Dianne and Jerry Brennan            $50.00

Grand Rapids Foam Technologies             $1,500.00

Thomas and Patti Jasper                $3,000.00

Allan and Constance Harig            $5,000.00

Ronald and Mares Szokowski     $50.00

G.A.L.S.                 $60.00

Daniel & Betty Vogl         $25.00

Donald & Phyllis Schek   $100.00

The John Dykema and Michele Maly-Dykema Family Foundation               $5,000.00

William H. Bowie              $200.00

Jerry B. VanLeeuwen      $15.00

The Employees of Vista Manufacturing  $435.00

Robinson Family               $700.00

Mike and Ginny Roney  $100.00

Cara & Keith Debbaudt  $50.00

Anonymous        $750.00

Jeff Roberts        $200.00

Sadie and Zoe    $25.00

Anonymous        $50.00

In memory of our parents Lu & Ted and Bob & Betty from Ben & Sally Lundquist                $25.00

In memory of our niece, Jessica Kingma from Uncle Mike and Aunt Frances          $25.00

In memory of Rose Gawart from Karen Smant   $100.00

In memory of John and Ethel Rothenthaler from Dennis Rothenthaler    $40.00

In memory of my parents Jake & Josie Brunsink from Ellen Jones              $25.00

In memory of Nancy Von Andel, a non-stop knitter of hats, mittens and more from Louis and Mary Romence     $50.00

In memory of RoseMary Crum, Al & Thelma Crum, Edw Gezon Sr from Audrey, Ed & Pat Gezon $50.00

In memory of my husband Jerry Roersma from all his family        $100.00

In memory of Evelyn Vanderkolk from David & Theresa Schans  $25.00

In memory of Ervin Sullivan, Beatrice Sullivan, Roy Dame and Roberta Dame from John & Susie Sullivan  $50.00

In memory of Evelyn Vanderkolk from Wyoming Senior Fellowship Club Inc.       $25.00

In memory of Marian Oppenhuizen from Dave & Jan Thompson               $50.00

In memory of my parents Ronald and Susan Orlowski and my 2 sisters Rose and Eleanor Orlowski from James Orlowski               $40.00

In memory of our Parents and Joe and Nancy from Bill & Joan    $250.00

In memory of Wendell and Lucille Long from Ray and Donna Rensland     $100.00

In loving memory of Katharine Remington Moore from Daniel and Betsey Tinkham          $200.00

In loving memory of my parents, Ben & June Rietberg, my sister Kelly Rietberg-Peterson, my Aunt Fran Bouma, and brother in law Kip Ackerman from Tara. $50.00

In memory of our son Chad and three miscarried grandbabies, Baby Toby, Baby D&T, Baby R&S from John & Pat Paasman              $125.00

In memory of Dear Husband Robert Moldal from Jeanne Moldal               $50.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Sunday 01/07/18:

Anonymous        $50.00

John & Rita Kirkwood     $250.00

Anonymous        $200.00

William Hoffman               $20.00

Lincoln Developmental Center Students and Staff            $190.00

In honor of grandkids from William Mapel            $100.00

A Friend of the Girls        $250.00

The Lanphear Family      $100.00

Anne and Mark Wardynski          $25.00

Bob and Linda Cooper     $100.00

Closet Concepts               $200.00

James Brandon                  $500.00

Matthew Wierenga         $50.00

Richard Holmes                  $200.00

Douglas Bultema               $25.00

Margaret Bauw $500.00

Antoinette Ross                $25.00

Linda Cross         $100.00

Matthew Buurstra            $300.00

In honor of Denny Byle from his family  $50.00

In memory of Frank and Peggy Vargo from Lori Vargo      $50.00

In memory of Jim & George Zomberg from Edward Zomberg and Lynda Sue Taylor           $200.00

In memory of Patrick Paffhausen Family, Violet & Earl Somerdyke and Maureen Rodel from Donald and Patricia Paffhausen         $30.00

In memory of Larry Root and Randy Westhouse from Nancy Root             $50.00

In loving memory of Jason Lewis from Mom, Dad, Mike and Rob               $25.00

In memory of our loved ones: Jim Mossel, Harold & Dorothy Mossel, Ellis & Gladys Moore, from the Jim Mossel Family.  $25.00

In memory of Evelyn VanderKolk from Mary Ohm            $25.00

In loving memory of my husband Charles A. Wells and my granddaughter Joslyn Wells love Pat and Grandma.    $100.00

In loving memory of Albert David Saunders, Debra Kay Saunders, and Beth Marie Gardner (Saunders) from Joel and Bonnie Whestone.          $200.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Thursday 01/11/18:


Herman Miller    $8.50

Melissa and David Pettijohn        $150.00

Dennis Stauffer                 $50.00

In memory of Patricia Koomen from Kent Power Inc       $100.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Sunday 01/14/18:

Bud and Stanley’s Pub & Grub and Customers: Carol Parker, Ed Kohn,Merrie Endres,Ruth Cook,Carole,Bill Haan,Jean Thomsen,Marty Oosterheert,Jim Mezwicki,Pam Post,Bill Breen,Debra McKinney,Pat Smith,Mary Scales,Ashley Deo,Cyndi Roest,Laurie Hug, Erika Belen Wozniak Francis, Don Wozniak,Jim Spears,Lyn Green, Linda Kovach,Phil and Sharon Globig,Barb Jeltema,Richard PreFontaine,Linda Thurber,Karen PreFontaine,Dee Hollander,Cathy Carter,Randy Bush,Joanne,Brian Woloszyk,Cherri Moras,Linda Konyndyk,Jan Bates, Christie Selzer,Jim Kaiser,Jim Towe,Sherry Kaiser,Bob Shrum,Ronald Vrba,Scott M,Lynn Sanch,Bev Pallas,Randy Reiten,Lonnie Forman,Amanda Daws,Bob Ruffin,Philip Horton,James DHaem,Don Dixon,J. Johnson,Rick Gould,Mary Meulenberg,Dan Robinson,Gene Kuehle,Peggy Bliudnikas,Linda,Bob Martin, and Gail Goudzwaard,           $1,000.00

Jerrold Kuzma   $25.00

Anonymous       $100.00

Kathleen Byers $200.00

Sylvester E. Husted Jr. and Virginia E. Husted      $50.00

Ray and Myra Tiethoff   $25.00

Sylvester Bush  $28.00


***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Thursday 01/18/18:


Jeremy Tollas      $320.00

Robert Neal         $25.00

Karilyn Frederick               $250.00

James Harberlein             $1,000.00

Rebecca P. Antrim           $25.00

Allan and Constance Harig            $5,000.00

Jon C. Jensen     $1,000.00

Lois Rainero        $50.00

Thomas James and Janet Mary Thompson            $25.00

Barbara Rosga    $50.00

Christopher and Delene Osmun                $40.00

Marks and Carlotta Mabie            $50.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Sunday 01/21/18:


In honor of our wonderful Employer, Dale Larson. From the employees of Northwest Kent Mechanical Co.           $650.00

Raymond O’Neill               $25.00

Mike and Linda Roberts                 $100.00

Eugene Bego     $100.00

Knights of Columbus Council # 4362         $1,500.00

In memory of Emily Goodrich Love Pete, Andrea and Megan      $300.00

In memory of our mom, sister Colleen and Dad. From the Lewis Family  $25.00

In loving memory of  Elaine and Steven from Tom Shippy              $100.00

In memory of Patrick Partridge from Therese Partridge  $30.00

In memory of Harry & Dorothy Weller from the Weller Family Foundation             $500.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Thursday 01/25/18:



Paula Williams    $100.00

Charlene Firlik   $50.00

Larry and Judith Scudder               $20.00

Sandra Hanline  $10.00

***Published in The Grand Rapids Press on Sunday 01/28/18:

Anonymous        $4,500.00



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